Building Use

Have your next meeting or party at Christ United Methodist Church! We welcome the use of our space!

Rooms are available for single meetings or programs for ongoing groups outside the specific ministry of Christ Church. Rooms are not to be used for private organizations that are commercial or “for profit” in nature. Church programs, related meetings and the general needs of the church shall receive first consideration in all scheduling. Conduct shall be appropriate for all groups using our facility.

Children and youth groups may use rooms, provided they are supervised by at least one responsible adult for every 6-10 persons.


  • Each group is responsible for setting up and cleaning up the rooms before leaving. Tables and chairs must be restored to the order in which they were upon arrival. 

  • The church cannot assume responsibility for the care or storage of any materials for outside groups or people using the church.

  • It is permissible for groups to serve refreshments, provided they clean up after themselves. 

  • Garbage must be taken off site.

  • Requests for the use of the church equipment must be made at the time rooms are reserved. Under no circumstances may the church equipment be taken outside of the church building.

  • There will be no smoking, alcohol or drug use in the building or on the church property.

There is no rental fee for use of the building. However, donations for the general use of the building are welcome.

Reservations for the use of rooms are to be made with the Administrative Board Chair. Tentative reservations may be made by phone, but will not be final until an Application for Building Use is completed and approved by the Board Chair and head of the Trustees Committee.