God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but rather a Spirit of Power, and of Love, and of a Sound Mind! 
2 Timothy 1:7

Worship in person with new Pastor Gary Liker! If you are sick or vulnerable to illnesses such as COVID, 19, please stay home. 

Prior to each week's service, all doors and sink handles, tables and chair backs will be sanitized with approved cleaners. To avoid the spread of COVID-19, the following rules have been put into place:

  • Avoid socializing in the Narthex. It is a small space and hard to socially distance. Take advantage and socialize outside or spread into the sanctuary to keep six feet apart from one another.
  • Greet family and friends with a friendly wave, a slight bow of the head, or crossing your arms over your heart.
  • Do not use the nursery, as everything handled needs to be sanitized. Feel free to bring toys to entertain children in the sanctuary.
  • Do not bring treats to share or make coffee. Our coffee dispenser is a pump style and many hands would be touching the dispenser, increasing the spread of germs.
  • Do not use the water fountain. Bottled water will be available for you! Help yourself from the refrigerator if there are none in the Narthex.
  • Keep ceiling fans off. These can spread germs. Dress accordingly, as the church could be a little warmer.
  • Volunteer to manage the doors so that many people are not opening and closing them. If you would like to do this, please let Pastor Gary know!
  • We are unable to pass around the sign-up sheets for volunteers. We would like to build a list of readers or people who like to help pay for cleaning. Please let Gary know so he can contact you personally!
  • We  have reduced the number of songs so we are not tempted to sing a lot. Pastor Gary normally has many songs in his service, but to be compliant with CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines, we are limiting the number of songs in each service. If your heart feels the need to sing, then please do. No wants to stop a very important way of worshiping.
  • Please wear a mask. If you want to wear a mask, but don't have one, there will be masks available in the Narthex for you to use and take home.
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently. Bottles have been placed througout the sanctuary. 
  • Do not handle the collection plates. Allow the person collecting the money to move it in front of you instead to minimize people touching it. 
  • Do not move tables or chairs around. All tables and chairs are six feet apart. Please try to reserve the tables for families. 
  • The hymns and bibles have been put into storage so that they are not handled. If you would really like one, just let the Pastor know and we will get one out for you.
  • Communion will be handled differently. We will have a pre-made cup that has juice and a wafer in it. On communion day, everyone will pick up their own cup/wafer.

If you attend church and later and test positive for COVID-19 and may have exposed others, please contact Pastor Gary. We will keep a list of names of people who attended church and we can discreetly contact them!

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